About Us


At The Floridian, we have a relatively simple goal: to make really great food using local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients as much as possible, and to provide a comfortable and casual atmosphere in which our food can be enjoyed. 

We believe we can best support the local community, economy and environment by purchasing ingredients cultivated and crafted within the Northeast and North-Central regions of Florida, thereby promoting the sustainability and growth of our region’s agriculture and artisan economy. It is our commitment and responsibility to provide truly authentic food and to reconnect this most important part of culture to its origins in the cultivation of the land and responsible plying of the sea.

Our menu will change continuously with the seasons, and will reflect our sincere appreciation of Southern cooking, with healthy notions. Keep an eye out for our featured Farm, Fish, and Artisan partners as we do our best by their incredible product. After all, a restaurant’s menu can only be as good as the ingredients used to craft it.


Without these fine and hard working folks, our job would not be possible. Many thanks to:

CartWheel Ranch Meats, Fresh Start Hydroponics, Wainwright Dairy, The French Pantry, Sweet Grass Dairy, S & J Farms, The Tempeh Shop, KYV Farms, Florida Sun Shrimp, Abundant Acres and The Seafood Shoppe.


WE HAVE MOVED! Please visit us at our new location--72 Spanish St. As of this moment, the map below is inaccurate.  But we are not far from our current location. Spanish St. lies one block towards the bay front. And our lovely new home is 1.5 blocks South of Hypolita. Don't hesitate to call!



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