When we move, there's a movement...

Hi everyone. In case you haven't heard, The Floridian has changed things up a bit. And we'd like the world to know, and to get as excited as we are. So then. We have officially moved! down the street.  

First, the sappy sentiments: We loved our former--our first home. Many others are quite keen on it as well. It has been our life for the past five years and we wouldn't be where we are without it. That much is true. Friends, family and co-workers have celebrated marriages and births, and occasionally congregated to remember loved ones we've lost. Our motto has always been that food is important. To create 'a clean, well-lighted place' in which food can be shared and enjoyed has always been our goal. The memories and stories created here would fill a novel, and we'll literally be leaving some blood, sweat and tears behind. Home is where the heart is indeed.

However, a particular set of circumstances has aligned to allow us a corresponding opportunity that we couldn't quite pass up. A bigger place, yes. But also a place that we've been able to design ourselves--more or less from the ground up.  To add to our list of aforementioned goals, we've always aimed to continue to do things better--more efficiently, more adequately, with a higher and higher sense of quality food and quality service. Without going into boring details, our new location will lend itself to just that. After five pretty awesome years, we're looking to get even more awesome, this time in a fresh space with fresh infrastructure and loads of charm, character and its own interesting history to boot. History is a process. Evolution is unavoidable.  

Some FAQ's to help further elucidate or new endeavor:

Where? 72 Spanish St. A short two minute walk South and East of our current location. Originally built 1899-1904, it has had many a manifestation. Factoid: The building was moved at some point to its current location at the historical site of the Spanish Dragoon Barracks. 

When? The Floridian at 72 Spanish St. officially opened Thursday September 17th.  

Why? See above. A bit more space, a bit more efficiency. And oh yeah. Liquor too. 

La Floridita? Unfortunately, La Floridita is on sabbatical. In some time and place in the future it may indeed rise again. 

Outdoor seating? Yes. A nice street-side courtyard and a covered front porch. Southern Charm indeed. 

Private Parties? A resounding yes. While we won't have a private backyard patio, we will have designed our upstairs 'Florida Room' as the perfect place for banquet events and functions. Upstairs will have a second bar and seating for 30-60. 

Who? It's still us! Jeff and Genie McNally and their band of misfits. Some of whom helped us open the first location 5 years ago and will be wielding paint-brushes and moving furniture once again. 

Any further questions can be sent to info@thefloridianstaug.com. We'll be happy to answer them.